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How Do I...

Send a Digital Photo?
  1. Reduce the photograph to no larger than 500k as a .jpg, .tif or .bmp. The picture can be in color or black & white (they will print black & white in the newspaper). If in doubt, do not reduce the size of the photo and send it just like it came out of the camera. DO NOT take photos with cell phone cameras. The resolution on most of them is not good enough for printing.
  2. Email photos to or depending on which paper you would like it to appear in. Include all pertinent photo information (i.e. date, location, people in the photograph or a detailed caption if possible). Please include a contact telephone number in case of a problem.
  3. At this time, we are unable to open any photographs that are proprietary to your digital camera or come from a CD that you receive from your film developer. The most common file formats for photographs that we can accept are .jpg, .tif, and .bmp. Please call if your photo is in some other format.
  4. Please do not embed your photos in another program like Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. The photo should be sent to us in its original format to ensure the photo is printed in the paper at its best quality. Embedding the photo in another application will reduce the resolution of the photograph and cause the photo to print poorly in the paper.
  5. Photos that are sent with writing or text on them will print out poorly in the paper, and it is at the discretion of the editor whether they will run or not. While we realize that many people now have photo-editing capabilities, we ask that you send your photographs in their original form to ensure that they are capable of running in the paper.
Submit a Letter to the Editor?
  1. Email a .txt or .doc file as an attachment to an email to for publication in the Glastonbury Citizen. Email for publication in the Rivereast News Bulletin. Please be advised we only print letters that are from local citizens.
  2. Please DO NOT send letters (or press releases) as PDFs.
  3. Rivereast Letters must be 300 words or less.
  4. A contact phone number is required but will not be published.
  5. Type your letter in an easy to read fashion on 8.5 x 11 paper.
  6. Write "Attention Citizen Letters" or "Attention Rivereast Letters" on the envelope so it gets directed to Editorial.
  7. Mail your letter to: The Glastonbury Citizen, PO Box 373, Glastonbury, CT 06033.
  8. Bring the letter to our office at 87 Nutmeg Lane, Glastonbury.
  9. FAX your letter to (860) 657-3258.
  10. Email is strongly preferred for letters to the editor.
  11. Citizen Deadline for letters is Monday at noon.
  12. Rivereast Deadline for letters is Tuesday at noon.

Run a Classified Ad?
  1. Click here for a Classified form to mail, fax or bring in.
  2. Type or neatly write out your ad on 8.5x11 paper and mail to the above address with a check made out to "The Glastonbury Citizen". Write "Attention Classifieds" on the envelope.
  3. All Classifieds are prepaid unless an account has been set up.
  4. Classifieds must be submitted in writing via the fax, regular mail, or by bringing them in. We will not take classifieds over the phone. If faxing your ad either call with the credit card info or write your name/the credit card number/exp. date/billing address on it. Include a viable phone number for verification.
  5. We will take classifieds through the email. Please call for the email address. We cannot print the email address here or we would be spammed mercilessly. Please do not put credit card information into an email as it is not secure.

 Run a Display Ad?
  1. Check out our advertising rates.
  2. Determine who your sales rep is by clicking here.
  3. Call (860) 633-4691 to set up an appointment with your sales rep.
  4. Please call to set up an appointment. Our sales reps are in and out of the office to see clients. If you walk in, you run the risk of having no one there to help you. All calls will be returned in the order in which they are received.

 Obtain a Subscription to the Citizen?
  1. Click here and print out our subscription form and mail it in to the address below with check.
  2. Make a check out to: The Glastonbury Citizen, P.O. Box 373, Glastonbury, CT 06033-0373 in one of the amounts below.
  3. $25 for a one-year subscription in Connecticut.
  4. $28 for a one-year subscription out of state. (Periodicals cost more to mail out of the county)
  5. $22 for a college-year subscription (Sept. 1 - May 15)
  6. Mail to the address above or bring it in. We would love to see you!
  7. All subscriptions are prepaid per the US Postal Service.
  8. We are currently not taking subscription orders via email. Address changes will be taken via email.

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