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NEW email for the Citizen is
NEW email address for the Rivereast News Bulletin

Contact Information

Glastonbury Citizen/Rivereast News Bulletin
P.O. Box 373 • 87 Nutmeg Lane
Glastonbury, CT 06033
Phone (860) 633-4691
FAX (860) 657-3258


Rivereast News & Letters submission
Citizen News and Letters submission
Jim Hallas, Publisher - ext. 226
Jim Hallas, Editor, Glastonbury Citizen - ext. 226
Mike Thompson, Editor - Rivereast News Bulletin - ext. 225
Geeta Schrayter - Asst. Editor - Rivereast News Bulletin- ext. 227.
Carole Saucier, Advertising Manager, Webmaster - ext. 237
Janki Buch, Circulation - ext. 240
Sandy Murray, Classifieds, General information - ext. 221

Sales Representatives & Territories:
Jason Baran - ext. 231 - Portland, E. Hampton, Marlborough, Hebron, Amston & Colchester southeast 
April Krason - ext. 232 - Glastonbury, Hartford, West Hartford, northwest
Renée Meuse - ext. 233 - East Hartford, Manchester, South Windsor, Vernon, Rockville, Columbia, Andover, northeast, Wethersfield, Rocky Hill, Cromwell, Middletown, Newington, southwest

Glastonbury Citizen Reporters:
Jim Hallas - ext. 226 - General, Society, Town Council
Chris Seymour - ext. 230 - Sports Editor, Features, Student news, General 
Shawn Dagle - ext. 228 - Out and About, Town Hall, Features, Police news, General 

Rivereast News Bulletin Reporters:
Geeta Schrayter - Asst. Editor - Covering Hebron & Andover - ext. 227.
Elizabeth Regan - Covering East Hampton & Portland - ext. 223.
Julianna Roche - Covering Colchester & Marlborough - ext. 224.

General Email address for Rivereast News Bulletin is

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Subscription Information

Glastonbury Citizen
$25 per year in Connecticut 
$28 per year out of state 
$22 per year college school year

Print out a subscription form here.

Rivereast News Bulletin
FREE within our circulation area 
$100 per year anywhere outside our circulation as we have to pay first class postage.

All applicable taxes included

All subscriptions are prepaid via check or cash.

Please make your check out to

The Glastonbury Citizen, P.O. Box 373, Glastonbury, CT 06033 

or you may come in person to 87 Nutmeg Lane, Glastonbury

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Display Advertising Rates*

Glastonbury Citizen

Open Rate $11 per column inch.

For contract rates please see .pdf document below.

Media kit in .pdf form includes new rate structure

Rivereast News Bulletin

Open rate $10 per column inch

For contract rates please see .pdf document below.

Media kit in .pdf form includes new rate structure

**Click here to download the FREE Acrobat Reader

Classified Line Ads

Glastonbury Citizen classified line ads are $10 for 25 words or less, 20 cents each additional word.

Rivereast classified line ads are $9 for 25 words or less plus 20 cents each additional word.

Classified line ads are $18 (25 words or less plus 20 cents each additional word per week) when running concurrently in both newspapers.

WE DO NOT TAKE CLASSIFIED LINE ADS OVER THE PHONE. We do take classifieds through email but please call (860) 633-4691 for the email address. If we published the address here we would be spammed mercilessly.

"Display ads" are available in the classified section as well. Please see display rates above.

 The Rivereast News Bulletin deadline for all paid advertising is Noon on Wednesday before publication date.
(please note that the deadline for news releases & letters is Tuesday at noon)

The Glastonbury Citizen deadline for all advertising is Noon on Monday before publication date.

**Note - Most Holiday week deadlines are Fridays at noon prior to publication

Ad removal deadline
 There is a 50% fee charged on any ad pulled from the Citizen after 4 p.m. on Monday.

Agency Commission
 All rates are non-commissionable.

Rates effective September 1, 2006
Any account that has been to our collection agency does not qualify for contract rates 

We reserve the right to refuse any ad at any time.

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Glastonbury Citizen & Rivereast News Bulletin
Circulation Figures

Glastonbury Citizen
Glastonbury Area Subscribers Zip codes 06033, 06073, 06025 5300
Store Deliveries  Glastonbury & South Glastonbury 500
Out of Town Subscribers  Includes College Subscriptions 700
Citizen Circulation  6500

Rivereast News Bulletin
Direct Mail to Area Residents (Free) 100% Coverage of towns listed below 26,250
Store Drops   Various locations in towns below 700
Out of Towns By Subscription Only 50
Rivereast Circulation 27,000
Total Combined Circulation (Citizen & Rivereast News Bulletin) 33,500

Rivereast Breakdown*
Andover 06232 1400
Cobalt 06414 200
Colchester 06415 7500
Hebron & Amston 06248 3900
Middle Haddam 06456 250
East Hampton 06424 5500
Marlborough 06447 2700
Portland 06480 4800
Store Drops 700
Out of Towns 50
Rivereast Circulation 27,000

*Circulation Figures Updated Monthly. Please call for most recent figures.

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Advertising Specifications

Publication Days
The Glastonbury Citizen - Thursday 
The Rivereast News Bulletin - Friday 


The Glastonbury Citizen:
Advertising space deadline is noon the Monday before publication date. 
Camera ready copy will be accepted until Tuesday noon provided space for the ad has been reserved before noon Monday. Any advertisement requiring an approval proof must be received before noon on the Friday before publication. 
Classified ad deadline is noon on the Monday before publication.

The Rivereast News Bulletin:
Advertising space deadline is noon on the Wednesday before publication.
(please note that news and letters must be received before noon on Tuesday)

Any advertisement requiring an approval proof must be received before noon on the Monday before publication. 
Space reservation is considered a firm commitment; if a space reservation is not canceled before the deadline, the space will be billed. 

Page Size & Column Widths
Both Glastonbury Citizen & Rivereast News Bulletin 
Tabloid, 11" x 17" overall, printed page 10 1/2" x 15 1/2" or 8 columns.
Display ad sizes (includeds Classifieds Display)
      • 1 col. width = 7 picas or 1 3/16" 
      • 2 col. width = 15 picas or   2 1/2" 
      • 3 col. width = 23 picas or 3 13/16" 
      • 4 col. width = 31 picas or 5 1/8" 
      • 5 col. width = 39 picas or 6 1/2" 
      • 6 col. width = 47picas or 7 13/16" 
      • 7 col. width = 55 picas or  9 1/8" 
      • 8 col. width = 63 picas or 10 1/2" 

Media Formats

The Glastonbury Citizen/Rivereast News Bulletin can reproduce from the following formats:
These are listed in order of preference. 

“Camera Ready”  ads:

  1. Hard copy meaning a high quality printout from a linotronic machine or laser printer. Printouts that include halftones/grays or pictures must be from a postscript device. This ensures that there is a dot pattern that our press can reproduce. Our line screen typically is 85 line but when printing from a laser printer we recommend 75-80 lines (dpi).
  2. On a disk. (floppy or Zip) We use PC’s here at the Citizen. We have no Macs. We use Indesign CS2, Pagemaker 7 and Adobe Photoshop CS2.
  3. Via email. You must call someone and tell them that the file is on it’s way. (860) 633-4691. The best format by far for email  seems to be Adobe Acrobat PDF. (Keep in mind that we cannot edit PDF files though.) Please do not send advertisements to random email addresses and assume everything is all set. PLEASE CALL to get the correct address.
  4. A Word document (.doc) will do but most likely will have to be worked on in Indesign.
 Pictures and Artwork:
  1. An original photograph is sometimes best as is an original or very good copy of artwork. For people that are not comfortable with computers stick with an original.
  2. We will take photos on disk or via email. We do not do photo retouching/altering. TIF or JPG are usually suitable. For photos on disk we recommend 70 lpi with a 20% dot gain. This has worked well.
  3. Artwork on disk works very well as long as the format is the correct kind. Again TIF files are best but JPGs are a more manageable size. BMP and GIF files do not reproduce as well.
Acceptable file formats in a nutshell:
Disks must be formatted for a PC (or IBM). Good file types for pictures/artwork are TIF and JPG. Good file types for whole ads are Pagemaker 6.5 or 7.0 (.p65 or .pmd) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). Word .doc files are also acceptable.  When submitting an InDesign, Pagemaker or Word. doc please include all fonts.

Do not send Powerpoint files. Powerpoint is not for print. We will not even attempt to do anything with a Powerpoint file.

**A few notes regarding resolution. A photo should be scanned at between 200-300 dpi. Anything more than this is lost on our laser printer and just causes the file to be bloated and slow. Conversely if you submit a photo scanned at 72 dpi (which looks great on the screen) you will be very diappointed in the results as a lot of quality is lost. For line art (ie. Logos, clipart) you need to up the dpi to about 600 when you scan. Otherwise the edges can be jagged and the output is less than stellar. (This is the reason we cannot simply take images off of the web. Most of these images have been scanned at 72 dpi and also compressed to lessen download times.) Remember, what looks great on the screen may not look so good in print.

All file format questions should be directed to Carole Saucier at (860) 633-4691 or email 

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Deadline Information

Glastonbury Citizen
All Ads, Editorial, Letters, News, etc.

Monday at Noon

Rivereast News Bulletin
All news including press releases, letters, photos etc.

Tuesday at Noon

All Paid Advertisements
Wednesday at Noon

In the event of a Monday Holiday*, Deadlines are as follows:

Glastonbury Citizen
All Ads, Editorial, Letters, News, etc.

Friday at Noon

Rivereast News Bulletin
All News including press releases, letters, photos, etc

Tuesday at Noon

All Paid Advertisements
Wednesday at Noon

*Includes Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day. Please call if in doubt. 

Week of Thanksgiving Annually

Glastonbury Citizen
All Ads, Editorial, Letters, News, etc.

Friday at Noon

Rivereast News Bulletin
All News including press releases

Monday at Noon

All Paid Advertisements
Tuesday at Noon

We are closed on Jan. 1, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day. Please call for information regarding Christmas week as we are generally closed.

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Special Sections

Annual Supplements to the Glastonbury Citizen*  

      • Health & Fitness 
      • Spring Home Improvement Guide 
      • Graduation 
      • Back to School 
      • Fall Home Improvement 
      • Holiday Shopping Guide (formerly the Christmas Carousel) 

* subject to change

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Insertion Rates
 .5 oz. or less
 $85 per M (includes most single sheet inserts)
 Full Run Citizen = $722.50
 .501 - 1 oz.
 $95 per M
 Full Run Citizen = $807.50
 1.01- 1.5 oz.
 $105 per M
 Full Run Citizen = $892.50
 Over 1.5 oz.
By special arrangement only
 Call your sales Rep at 
(860) 633-4691.
  • You can supply us with preprinted inserts or we can print them
  • Call your sales rep to obtain a quote for printing costs and time constraints. 
  • Above prices apply to standard 8.5 x 11 pieces. 
  • Surcharges may be applied for inserting pieces of irregular shape and texture. 
  • Folding available for a fee.
  • Camera ready copy to be supplied Monday at noon the week it is to be inserted. 
  • Per postal regulations, all inserts in The Glastonbury Citizen must have "Supplement To The Glastonbury Citizen" printed in small type on the outside of the piece. 
  • Please call regarding insertions into the Rivereast News Bulletin. Target your area by going to certain towns in our circulation. 
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Printing Services
The Citizen can provide layout, typesetting and printing for virtually all your business, professional and private needs.

Newspapers - Tabloids - Advertising

Fliers - Newsletters - Catalogs
We also print Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Brochures, Pamphlets, Forms, Tickets, Invitations, and Other Printed Materials.

We can laminate anything from business card size to 17 inches on one side. Waterproofs and protects.


Miscellaneous Rate Information

  • Payment is due within 30 days of billing. 
  • Prepayment is required for all new customers or anyone who hasn't filled out a credit application. 
  • An interest charge of 1.5% per month is added accounts not paid within 30 days (annual rate: 18%). 
  • A fee of $25 will be charged for returned checks. If checks are returned to us from the bank, the business may be required to pay cash or use a credit card for further advertising.
  • Mastercard and Visa accepted. Sorry, no American Express or Discover.

  • Proof Rates
    All advertisements completed as proofs are subject to a set up charge if not published with The Citizen or The Rivereast News Bulletin within a two-week period. 

    *Please note: The Glastonbury Citizen sets up ads as a service that is included in the price of your ad. We regret that we cannot show multiple proofs. Fine-tuning can only be minimal as we set up hundreds of ads a week. If you need to change your ad a lot before publication or need to see different layouts there are several advertising agencies we can recommend for you to utilize. CHANGES to advertisements after the noon deadlines will result in a minimum charge of $25, based on $75 per hour.

    Agency Commissions
    All rates non-commissionable.


    The Glastonbury Citizen and The Rivereast News Bulletin will make every effort to see that all advertising copy is correctly printed. The publisher assumes no liability or financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertising, but will reprint, without charge, that part of an advertisement in which an error has occurred provided that a claim is made within 5 days of publication; however, any advertisement that has been proofed and approved by the advertiser will not be eligible for a credit of any kind. The liability of the publisher on account of errors in or omissions from any advertisement or the omission of the advertisement itself will in no way exceed the amount of the charge for the space occupied by the item in error, and then only for the first incorrect insertion. There will be no punitive damages paid in the case where an advertisement is inadvertantly omitted from the newspaper. Also, the publisher takes no responsibility for statements or claims made in any advertisement, and will upon request, reveal the name and address of the person or persons responsible for placing any display advertisement, political or otherwise, except for "blind" box ads. Requests will be taken for specific ad placement. However, there is no absolute guarantee these requests can be honored. There will be no credit applied in regards to ad placement. The Glastonbury Citizen, Inc. reserves the right to reject advertisements which it deems unsuitable for its publications. Every effort will be made to verify the legitimacy and propriety of all ads for the protection of our readers.

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